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Win a Side Pot with Perfect Pairs Blackjack

If you've never played Perfect Pairs Blackjack, you're missing out on one of the most fun experiences available in any online casino. While it follows the rules of its traditional counterpart, there are a few variations that add excitement and brand new ways to win to the mix.

There are a few major differences in Perfect Pairs and other variants. The first is that you will be allowed to play as many as five hands at a time, though you'll have to make the same wager on all five across the board. However, you'll also have an opportunity to place the side bet with a payout of as much as 30 to one. It follows the traditional European rules: the dealer must stand on soft 17, two decks comprise the shoe, and there is no hole card with which to be concerned.

The side bet is where the game really gets its name, and you can determine an amount for this wager that is lesser than, equal to or higher than your initial bet. If your first two cards are a mixed pair, you'll receive a payout of seven to one. If they're a colored pair, you'll get a nice 15 to one. However, if they are a perfect pair, meaning that they are the same two cards of the same suit, you'll get the huge payout of 30 to one. The odds here are quite slim, but the side bets can still be fun. Even if you only wager $1 per hand on this, you'll stand a pretty decent chance of winning something.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is provided by Microgaming and is part of its Gold Series games. The http://online-casinos.ca/ are having an impact on the wider online casino community. Their impact can be felt when you examine the number of casinos that are trying to repeat their tactics. This speaks volumes about the ability of the casino to create new trends. It can be found in almost any venue offering this software, so you'll need to do your research to find out which is the best choice for your individual needs.