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Playing Tournament Poker

Playing tournament poker is a bit different than playing in a cash game. When playing in a tournament, you may want to be conservative at first while the blinds are small and you are learning about the people that you are playing against. Later in the tournament, you will want to play more aggressively. When the blinds are higher, there is more money in the pot and if you play aggressively you can steal this money as more people are worried about busting out of the tournament. When playing tournament poker, the most important thing to remember is that the better that you finish, the more money that you are going to win. In most tournaments only the top 10% are paid so your best bet is to be aggressive so you move up the ladder. Try to become the chip leader as quickly as possible so that you can bully your opponents with your stack.

Sit n Go Tournaments

Sit n Go tournaments are extremely popular. These are smaller tournaments that consist of a set number of players. There are also a set number of places paid in this type of tournament. Typically in a single table sit and go the top 3 players will be paid. When playing in this type of tournament, you will want to be tight when you first start out and then be more aggressive as the blinds start to go up. There is stats software available that can be useful when playing in this type of tournament. While the tournaments are short, the style and patterns can still be read by the software and you can use the stats when you play with the same opponents again.

Heads Up Poker

Heads Up poker is fun to play and can be quite profitable if you are an aggressive player. Being aggressive is important during Heads Up play as you are going to most likely miss the flop. Decent hands are rare so there is no waiting around for one or you will lose your money to the blinds and your opponent. Playing heads up is all about adapting your style to try and stay a step ahead of your opponent at all times. The poker industry is growing. Now the majority of games are played on the web. Join the exciting new trend. View the jeu de poker en ligne - www.jeuxpokerligne.com website. It looks great.